Lakshmi Trumps | Happy Diwali

Taking cue from the vibrant democracy in India, the three goddesses decided to contest the all women elections for positional superiority. Calcutta embraced the violence of Parvati/Durga/Kali, but the practical businessmen voted en masse for Laxmi; Saraswati, well…some remembered her too and marked a day sometime in January for by-elections. Madras is less violent so they replaced the violence of Durga with the knowledge of Saraswati on Vijaya Dashmi, but Laxmi remains the hottest of them all especially after the endorsement from the Judiciary. Bombay and Delhi don’t understand anything other than money, so they chose Laxmi forever (and also made Vaishno Devi Shrine Board one of the richest); when Calcutta reminded them of by-elections in January, they snubbed Calcutta by flying kites. So, the verdict is clear: Laxmi trumps! Congratulations on the choice well-made; Happy Diwali!

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