Kashmir: What’s the Role of IB?

No major political decision in this country ever gets made without the involvement of IB. Their sleuths actively engage with the Executive as well as the “Terrorists” — I don’t know how but they do penetrate amongst the “Terrorists” pretty well, often presenting themselves as the only friend amongst the rogues in the State. Of course, their loyalties always lie with the politicians of the day. But Kashmir is a different case. Dulat, who spent all his professional life in Kashmir as an IB sleuth and has also written a book about it, doesn’t seem to have had got a grip on the “Terrorists” in the valley as would appear from the reading of his book. I think much in Kashmir can also be attributed to the failure of IB. They have always considered Kashmir an alien nation and tried installing some puppet or the other in the government in the valley — Abdullahs first and Muftis later — who don’t really represent Kashmir. I don’t think India has ever made any sincere attempt to adopt Kashmir, which was their mandate at the time of its accession to India. If the whole citizenry becomes “Terrorist”, it’s time to change the definition.

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