Indian Army Is Not Sacrosanct

There is a brewing controversy about the presence of Indian Army in Bengal. The Army is calling it a routine drill and is also claiming that the State Government was informed about the drill through the Commissioner of Police. Strictly speaking, the Commissioner of Police is not an executive of the government: he has no knowledge of the bureacratic functioning of the civil government and is not a member of the team of the Home Minister or the Chief Minister. Only permissions wrt routine day-to-day law and order related issues can be taken from him. The Army needs to approach the Home Secretary and the Chief Secretary for such approvals unless there is precdence/custom of the Army’s intereference in internal matters for training purposes. Furthermore, there is nothing on record to show that even the State Police gave any approval to the Army, nor do they have any such authority. The Indian Media is as usual taking a biased position in favour of the Army. The first thing the Indian Media needs is freedom from the influence of the Army, and if that requires a ban on the recruitment of Army daughters and sons as journalists, so be it.    

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