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I have never really worried about super PMs, for I know the King hardly ever moves out of his castle. But, in a democracy, the responsibility of public officials is important. The Augusta middleman in his interview with NDTV admits there were at the least intentions to lobby Sonia Gandhi. On further probing, he further says Amit Shah in the present dispensation is fulfilling the same role — whether Amit Shah is fulfilling that role or not, there are certainly super PMs in this dispensation too. Well, my objection is simple and straightforward. As per the prevention of corruption act, the mere action of a public servant in any manner other than public interest is an offense irrespective of exchange of money or favors. But of course it is next to impossible to prove these super PMs as public servants. Either the office bearers of political parties/affiliations(RSS, etc) ought to be considered public servants under law or they should f-off from meddling in government functioning. The fact that a middle man can rightly claim the existence of super PMs is proof enough of their existence. People need to identify and sanitize governments of them in a democracy.

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