In Re: Sidhu, the AAP Has Blundered

Comment dt. 04.02.2017

With 70% voting in Punjab, I think it will be safe too assume the AAP has done it in Punjab as well. It can as well be a landslide like in Delhi. Sidhu factor seems not to have work for the Congress — I was wrong. Jhadu still resonates well with the voters. It is more or less certain it will be the AAP government in Punjab, but what remains to be seen is who will be the CM. 

Comment dt. 16.01.2017

The AAP was supposed to be a brand in itself. It gave new hope to the people and that is the reason Delhi voted for it so overwhelmingly. However, the AAP didn’t read the message. First, it was a vote for the hope, the Jhadu, not for a personality, Arvind Kejriwal. Secondly, it unceremoniously threw out the sane voices of Prashant Bhushan and Yogendra Yadav from the party by deceit, who were instrumental in Punjab victories earlier. Thirdly, it failed to perform in Delhi and kept fighting over petty issues, many a times legally wrongly. Fourthly, it started collaborating with other political parties without much discretion. Fifthly, it didn’t fetter its deviant leaders. Sixthly, it didn’t discover or adopt an ideology, even after such a long stay in politics. Seventhly, it exposed its religious fundamentalism side by supporting Babas and Jain Munis. Eighthly, it failed badly on pollution front in Delhi, whether be it Air Pollution or Garbage. Ninthly, it couldn’t keep its flock together in Punjab. Tenthly, it has not projected a CM candidate in Punjab where the hope has subsided over time and the Jhadu doesn’t appeal as well as before. Eleventhly and most importantly, IT LOST SIDHU; this man will literally take Punjab and national hope away from the AAP. 

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