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To be very frank, I found this litigation frivolous in the beginning, but now it seems to have taken a sincere turn. The only issue here is whether an investigating officer can meet an accused during investigation. I thought it was a frivolous litigation because it is a standard operating procedure of the investigators, big or small: first thing they do is to meet the accused. Nevertheless, while listening to Vikas Singh, Ranjit Singh’s lawyer, I am further poked. He says there are many Supreme Court Judges who welcome  meetings at their home, but that doesn’t mean the judgments are influenced. Well…the judgments would indeed get influenced, whether in a positive manner or negative manner, if the judges meet the litigants (directly or through counsels, including government counsels and the law minister) at any place other than the court room. This is indeed a serious issue and requires a bigger debate. What should be the level of reclusiveness of those who have been given mandate to ensure justice to all?

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