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I was reluctant to comment on this for two reasons: first it is too frivolous a topic, and secondly there is a conflict of interest (I have personally interacted with Sunil Grover long ago in Bombay when he was nobody). Anyways, now it is more or less clear that it was just a marketing gimmick. Probably, Sony TV wanted to build up the brand value of the show before renewing the contract. Yes, of course, Sunil Grover will return to the show.

However, the way this has played out speaks about the character of news media these days. Recently, I have started using UC News. It best reflects what the people expect from news. Its home page is an unabashed sponsored news section carrying news about Kapil Sharma’s show, IPL, Jio, Bahubali, and whoever else who is willing to pay. Let me put a disclaimer here: UC News is just a news aggregator; it is not a news website; so, it doesn’t get paid for the news. The home page is followed by Entertainment, Cricket, Video, Tech, Trending, Humour, Edu & Job, Offbeat, Gadget, Business, Politics, Lifestyle, India, World. Can you imagine: the regular news on politics, business, world, etc, comes on the 11th to 15th window.

This is precisely the reason Kapil Sharma’s show has got coverage in mainstream news websites like NDTV, HT, Times Now, India Today, Indian Express, News 18, and even Economic Times. (Please visit this link.) It’s actually hilarious. And some of these people give sermons on yellow journalism.

Well…ironically, by writing this blog I have done precisely the same: added to the publicity quotient of this show, and that too free. This is a circle of conspiracy. No body can stay out of it.

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