In Re: Dalit Scholar Suicide

Well…the media is blaming the HRD minister, Dattatereya, and the VC for the suicide of the Dalit scholar. I would like to replace the VC with the Hyderabad HC. Let me state my reason. It is well known that there was subtle pressure of the Central Government through MHRD and the BJP at large to avenge the alleged man handling of the ABVP activists, Sushil Kumar. But what media is missing is the role played by the Hyderabad HC in all this. If the reports published in this link and this link are to be believed the Hyderabad HC not only issued notice on the PIL filed by the mother of Sushil Kumar but also directed the university to file an action taken report on the August 31 recommendation of the Proctorial Board for suspension of the five ASA members/students. The VC took action and implemented the Board’s recommendation during the pendancy of these directions; i.e., he suspended the students. Three views can be taken; i.e., the VC acted on the recommendation of the Board under the pressure of the BJP and the Central Government or the VC acted independently or the VC acted in consequence of the directions issued by the HC, basically to escape from the ire of the court in case “no action taken” report is filed. However, I think the VC mostly acted for the court; obviously the BJP and the Central Government would have also put up subtle pressure all this while. Now, my problem with the HC is that it issued directions in a PIL at the instance of an interested party — how can a mother file a PIL for protection of her biological son. I want to know what was the public interest involved in this PIL. I think this is gross. Media ought to raise this issue.

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