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Yesterday, I came across a website about top ten glamorous anchors in India. No prizes for guessing, all were females. This is an unnecessary bias. I think both men and women watch news. And if men have their favourites, so do women. But, yes, one thing is for sure: Indian TV news anchoring is nothing but glamour. Without glamour, no one would be interested in watching news/news debates. Therefore, I don’t watch male anchors unless I have nothing else to do.

So, first my list of the top five most glamourous female news anchors without any ranking: Palki Sharma Upadhaya, Nidhi Razdan, UM-E-Kulsoom, Kajori Sen, Padmaja Joshi (Nidhi Razdan’s and Palki Sharma Upadhaya’s glamour is fading out).

As far as men go, I would have to accept that they are better in retaining fitness and looks. Just a random list: Vikram Chandra, Rajdeep Sardesia, Karan Thapar, Jacca Zacob, Parikshit Luthra.

I have to mention two names for their alternative glamour appeal: Arnab Goswami and Preeti Chaudhury.

From the above, it would appear NDTV is inclined more towards female glamour; India Today is inclined more towards male glamour; CNN-IBN seems to be maintaining a balance; and Times Now doesn’t have many glamour faces, so, Arnab Goswami has to try a bit too hard — he is like Boxer of Animal Farm.

Disclaimer: I don’t watch Sports, Entertainment, Business, etc.; also I don’t watch Hindi and regional news.

P.S. Sunetra Chaudhury, though not bodily fit, has a knack of looking good with make-up; so, yes, she should be there too.

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