To be very frank, I am extremely surprised by the performance of the BJP in UP. I have a very strong doubt there is some manipulation. Nevertheless, till it is proved, the results hold true. However, I am not surprised by the Punjab results. I was expecting a landslide for the AAP only because I thought BJP+Akali will be wiped out in Punjab, which was based on exit polls. Since that has not happened, the results are on expected lines. 

Though I didn’t declare it publicly, but I had decided in my mind that if the BJP crosses 100 seats in UP, I will stop commenting on elections. So, unless a miracle happens and the trend reverses in the UP altogether, or it is proved that the counting in the UP has been manipulated, by IB or whoever else, I shall not comment on elections hereafter. 

In any case, the BJP government in the UP is the worst that could have happened. And it has happened (unless the trend reverses completely)! Tough times ahead!

P.S. Advice to AAP: Start respecting law. Don’t try manipulating judiciary like BJP and Congress do. Take up video recording of court proceedings as your prime agenda for judicial reforms and fight for it.

P.S. Well…it is in the category of conspiracy theory, but it is not based on surmises only. The Congress and the BJP have joined hands to manipulate the election results not only in UP but across the states. The conspiracy is basically the same old one to marginalize all regional parties. Yes, EVMs have been manipulated. Regional parties, including AAP, should fight tooth and nail to get the results investigated and anulled — there is still a very long way for them to become national parties in any true sense. It is the most serious attack on Democracy till date. 

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