Early Hearing on Triple Talaq, But Privacy?

As far as I understand, Triple Talaq is an irretrivable breakdown of marriage. A similar clause is sought to be added under the Hindu Marriage Act after a long delay. So, I don’t understand how Triple Talaq becomes evil. Yes, the problem with Triple Talaq is that it gives power of the Judge to the husband whereas under the Hindu Marriage Act, the power lies with the Judge — though it’s a different matter that it is too difficult to get the Judge into the mood to decide. So, of course, Islam is biased towards Man, but that’s not only in divorce but also in marriage. I think the concept of dower is the most derogatory thing possible for a woman. People may like to disguise it as bride’s protection, but the fact remains it is just consideration for a contract in which the bride makes the bed and the groom earns the money: if there is any conflict with respect to dower amount, the amount is calculated on the basis of age, pedigree, etc, of the bride, which has nothing to do with her protection needs. And equality of women in marriages is a far cry in Islam, Hinduism, or whatever else. If women want to remain equal, why marry at all? 

Anyways, I am unable to understand how this has become such an important and urgent issue all of a sudden that SC is constituting a constitution bench for urgent hearing in vacations. I think there is no matter more urgent than privacy at present, for which Supreme Court has no time. Why not constitute a Nine Judge Bench instead to hear and dispose of privacy petitions during vacations?

(Did I hear somebody wore saffron scarf? Yes, it did happen sometime back and the “somebody” was thrown out along with the scarf, but in HOLIdays it seems fancy dressing is allowed, and this time it was a saffron HOLI).

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