Indeed, Dangal is a very well directed movie, but I am not sure about the story per se. Moreover, I have started seeing anything coming out of AK house with an eye of suspicion now. 

First, I am not sure whether the portrayal of Geeta Phogat’s coach is credible enough. In any case the portrayal is highly defamatory of the coach. Secondly, not eating gol gappe in your childhood or teenage for winning a gold medal when you grow up, is silly. I will anytime prefer small pleasures of life to some high achievement milestones, which are achieved only by few and far between. Furthermore, this movie is giving a very wrong message to Indians, who are anyways foolish enough to suffer for a fool’s paradise vide demonetisation. Thirdly, this nautanki of gaining and losing weight is nonsense. The overweight Aamir Khan was not necessary to portray Mahavir Singh Phogat. In fact, he was looking shabby in his small overweight frame. Fourthly, Aamir Khan’s bout with a Sushil Kumar’s look-alike was in a bad taste. Sushil Kumar is still a better wrestler than Geeta Phogat or Babita Phogat, even if we were to consider Mahavir Singh Phogat has lived his dream through his daughters. Fifthly, cutting hairs of daughters when they don’t want it, is demonic. If a girl or a boy wants to retain her or his hairs long enough for whatever reasons, it’s her or his right; why should a coach interfere in it? Was this some Army conscription? 

To be very frank, I was also overwhelmed with emotions after watching this movie, but now when the dust has settled, I am finding this movie pretty ordinary and also socially misleading. No, I don’t think this movie has portrayed the truth. Did it carry a warning that the movie is a work of fiction? I can’t remember.  

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