Conversion Debate

Article 25 of the Constitution provides free propagation of religion as a fundamental right. Both Christianity and Islam recognize conversion as a mode of propagation of religion. Hinduism being a purist religion doesn’t allow conversion into it; it only allows re-conversion after a process of shudhi. Any law on the lines of Gujarat’s “Freedom of Religion” law giving power to an executive magistrate to sit over the rights of people to freely chose their religion, is certainly going to be unconstitutional. The BJP is doing all it can do to kill constitution. The forced and deceptive conversions are void ab-initio, and the Muslims converted into Hindus deceptively are free to practise Islam. The SP government in UP has a duty to punish those who managed these conversions, but, unfortunately, the corporate media hardly gets any time to keep a tap on the governments unless it affects the elites like in the case of Uber; and, just for this reason, the parliamentary debate was relevant, but only if the opposition had speakers even half as good as that of the BJP; so, get ready for another assault on the constitution in the form of a national “Freedom of Religion” law.

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