‘Yours is a midlist book’: Why writers never want to hear their publishers say this (External Resource)


My Comment: Publishing a book has become very easy thanks to self-publishing, but what’s the point if nobody reads it. Traditional publishers have an advantage in selling books because of their access to media and resources, but some self-published authors like Amish Tripathi have shown it can be done. It seems the day is not far when books will be sold like newspapers, almost free (and certainly free in their digital avatars). Presently, even the self-publishing websites abhor advertising in books, but the paid fiction and paid non-fiction after the paid news is not far. Imagine this: A Nira Radia dictating the climax of a new novel on a late night conversation with a Chetan Bhagat. (I think I can take the risk of not being sued for defamation by him; anyways it’s just fiction!)

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