UN Yoga Day: A Big Conspiracy

The global business as well as the forces have a need to secure for themselves the individuals who can take the stress of less sleep and still keep themselves alert. The business needs them as global managers, who don’t suffer jet lag, and the forces need them by default because warriors are always trained as wild dogs ready to attack at the smallest trigger, and sleep deprivation is part and parcel of the training.

The need of the forces has diminished over the years but that of the business has increased manifold also because they have started depriving even their local managers more or less on the lines of the forces; i.e., they have started preferring dogs as business managers, if nothing else than for the dogs’ loyality. In fact, depriving a person of sleep is the preferred choice of all employers, big or small.

Meditation, which is the most well-recognized manifestation of Yoga, is like recreational drugs, which provide short-term stress relief and a bout of alertness from sleep deprivation, therefore its utility to the employers. The global recognition of Yoga by no less than the UN is the victory of the employers to deprive their employees of sleep and thus neutralizing them of rebellion. Of course, sleep deprivation is not the only tool to gain loyality, but it seems it is the most preferred choice, reflected in Yoga’s recoginition at the global level.

Unlike the US, Europe has 8 hrs/day working culture, better eating habits and less stressed lifestyle; but, given that even Europe has co-sponsored India’s resolution, it is no more a salutary location for employees.

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