In RE: #AADHAR in #FinanceBill

The parliament is debating #FinanceBill, in which it has been proposed that the #AADHAR will be made mandatory for filing IT returns from July 1, 2017 onwards. Not only this Pan Card will also become void if it is not linked to AADHAR. This bill is obviously against the Supreme Court judgment, in which it has been clearly held that AADHAR will not be mandatory for anything except PDS, LPG and few other schemes.

At the same time, Ram Mandir issue has been re-ignited since yesterday, which the media is discussing at length and will keep discussing it till eternity. Of course, this issue has been raised as a red herring to completely obfuscate the issue of infringement of privacy. Nobody understands privacy except some politicians, intellecutuals, activists, journalists and lawyers. Lawyers have already done all they could to protect privacy through SC (it’s actually a retired judge, but all judges are lawyers at heart). And politicians, including the Left, are doing all they can to infringe privacy. It started with the Congress and will culminate into an era of no-privacy with the BJP/Modi. Journalists as usual will keep ……. politicians. Intellectuals will write some articles here and there. And the activists think right to food, shelter, education, etc, is more important than right to privacy — they will only understand what is more important when they will be fed free food in free housing in Tihar jail with free early morning sermons in Hindutva philosophy.

Of course, as introduced as a finance bill, this infringement of privacy will become law of the land unless SC turns down this law taking suo moto cognizance of its contempt by no less than the Finance Minister, who dared to introduce this bill in the Lok Sabha.

P.S. I didn’t mention the corporate above. Actually, I took it for granted that everybody knows that the corporate through Nandan Nilekani are the fountain head of this mass infringement of privacy.

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