Expanding Corporates Are a Threat

An over-ambitious corporate is the biggest threat to humanity. Irrespective of all the strategic and financial models, it is not possible to predict future; so, those who wager on the future try everything possible to write the future in their favour. All e-tailers are running huge losses, but they are being funded by the US venture funds for the venture funds are betting long on the potential of Indian consumers to match supply with demand. Similarily, in spite of the Aviation industry running huge losses, some players are expanding their fleets exponentially betting on the “Latent Demand” of the Indian consumers. However, the truth may be that neither the “Latent Demand” exists nor the existence of this demand is beneficial to the society. The mere possibility of the existence of this demand presumes a particular political ideology, which is prima-facie a wrong assumption; but, in order to justify the wrong assumption, political situations amenable to the assumption are created: a face like that of Modi is projected and reinforced day in and day out, and any remotest challenge to the projection is curbed at its very inception by neutralizing opposing views and faces. But the question is whether it benefits anybody at all: Snapdeal and Flipkart’s CEOs earn much less salary for doing far more work, and the behemoths they create become unsustainable after a point of time for the people, in general, enjoy freedom more than security. And, the people are also unsatisfied: for all the discounts they get, they lose the eqanimity of purchase and consumption turning themselves into machine-eating zombies. There ought to be a strict check on the foreign funding which the Indian entrepreneurs get because most of these fundings come without any expectations of profit but with the motive to force India towards a particular ideology; this trap is completely undeserved because at least some people are also fradulently turned into non-consenting guinea pigs for life in this trap, who can get freedom only if faces like that of Modi are smashed with iron rods, but nobody needs to become a violent demon to survive.

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