Anti Romeo Squads Are Creations of Liberals

For the first time, I have read manifesto of any political party. Unfortunately, I have not read it as a voter but as a concerned citizen who would without fail read any document released by any terrorist organisation. As I read the manifesto, I find the Anti-Romeo Squads were supposed to be formed in police stations next to the colleges to prevent the occurence of eve-teasing events. Prior to Nirbhaya amendments, eve-teasing or sexual harassment was not a cognizable offence; so, all these Anti-Romeo Squads would have been illegal then as the police has no business interfering in non-cognizable offences unless directed by a magistrate. I think the Leftist/Liberal women rights activists are an extremely confused lot. They just don’t understand the ramifications of their actions. Of course, the Anti-Romeo Squads are the creations of the Liberals.

P.S. Ironically, a Sanghi women rights activist, Madhu Kishwar, has recently filed a PIL against Nirbhaya amendments (though it’s a different matter Kapil Sibbal represented her in the court).

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