“Ae Dil Hai Mushkil” Should (NOT) Flop

Comment Dt. 29.10.16: What does the above picture portrays? Love or friendship! Well…even if it is no friendship, it is love for sure because two people can’t pose together like this without some love at least. Karan Johar is of course confused: there is no friendship sans love. But the movie he has made is excellent from the entry of Fawad Khan to his exit, and what a coincidence it is. So, yes, it shouldn’t flop. 

Commemt Dt. 22.10.16: I don’t know what this movie would be like, but going by Karan Johar’s record, it should be a damp squib. However, the marketing has worked. There are two kinds of audience in India. The multiplex audience, who won’t care much about soldiers and army but don’t consider them terrorists either, and the single screen audience who have been fooled into a patriotic fervour.  The marketing has engaged both kinds of audience in their script. The multiplex audience would feel sympathetic towards Karan Johar for losing money; so, they will give him their money irrespective of the movie. The single screen audience would forgive Karan Johar after he and his ilk promise to not employ any Pakistan artist in the future, display a tribute to Uri martyrs before the movie, and gift 5 cr each to the Army (all I want to know is what was paid to the family of those Uri martyrs; why shouldn’t Karan Johar pay 5 cr each to the martyred soldiers’ families instead of filling Army coffers, whose officers would then splurge it on escorts). 

“God” has scripted a perfect marketing strategy for Karan Johar’s film. Neither the single screen nor the multiplex audience will be able to gauge this fraud of the “God”. And mediocre films produced by Karan Johar will keep churning money. For once, this movie should flop! 

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