NDTV 24×7’s Behan Brigade!

Even earlier they used to stink, but now when they have accepted “Behan Priyanka” Chopra’s challenge to clean latrines, even the mere thought of them stinks. “Behan Priyanka” Chopra’s team now includes Behan Barkha Dutt, Behan Sonia Singh, Behan Nidhi Razdan, Behan Sunetra Choudhary, Behan Sarah Jacob, Behan Ankita Mukherjee, Behan Maya Mirchandani…(ok, others in NDTV 24×7 are too young to be included in this list; you never know when you may just hit on them).

P.S. Some people complain not all names mentioned above are old. Well…the youth has not shown the energy enough to atleast make a status update on Twitter/Facebook/Google disowning the BS of their company.

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