Movie Preview: Sheena Bora Murder

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Introducing Rahul Mukherjea as Rahul Mukherjea (under the mentorship of Salman Khan).
Alia Bhatt as Sheena Bora. (don’t worry; won’t let her die.)
Rani Mukherjea as IndRani Mukherjea. (no pun intended.)
Introducing Aditya Chopra as Peter Mukherjea. (who else!)
Anurag Kashyap as Mikheal Bora. (ek jaise lagte hain, nahin!)
And, hold your breath…introducing Rakesh Maria as Rakesh Maria. (yes, this is a break through.)

Give me a break. This is a thriller. Wait for its screening in the Courts.

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This is a big banner movie being made at a very huge budget. However, media has played a spoilsport by leaking storyline before it has actually matured. According to the buzz, Rakesh Maria, the director, himself is making these leaks in the media. The case may soon go to the courts praying for gag orders, which will further create the necessary pre-release buzz. The trailors released so far are promising and some sleaze posters may also very soon fill the skyline. The stiff competition from the political thriller, The Patel Saga, is now over with the tragic halt in its success on the BO, and, after suffering huge losses, the producers have gone back to their original days of nautanki. So, in all probability, this movie will make a huge success on the BO. Do keep watching this space for regular updates and reviews.

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