I, Revolver Rani & ICJ, Our Saviour

Revolver Rani ICJ

I am married to a “Revolver Rani” type girl, who abandons me for I can’t fire my GUN on target. However, I love her so much that I file a petition for restitution of conjugal rights in a matrimonial court. In the meantime, my beloved “Revolver Rani” murders an innocent guy in cold blood, who like me just couldn’t fire his GUN on target, and is awarded a death sentence. I, as clever as I am, file an application in the matrimonial court seeking stay on her death sentence. And when the defendant raises an objection of jurisdiction, I say we will see the jurisdiction later, first you ensure that “Revolver Rani” stays alive, so that at least once I can fire my GUN on target. Surprise, surprise, the court grants me the stay assuming a “prima facie jurisdiction” a la the International Court of Justice in re: Kulbhushan Jadhav.

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Ankur Mutreja
Ankur Mutreja is an advocate-cum-writer, and his blogs are amongst his modes of expression. He has also authored six books: "Kerala Hugged"; "Light: Philosophy"; "Flare: Opinions"; "Sparks: Satire and Reviews"; "Writings @ Ankur Mutreja"; and "Nine Poems"; which can be downloaded free from the links on the top menu.

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