Cashless Economy Survey

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The following are the competent resources for the cashless economy:

1. eWallets, Credit Cards, Netbanking, Cheques, etc.

2. Food Grains, Pulses, Meat, Milk, etc.

3. Cattle, Tools, Utensils, Furniture, etc.

4. Gold, Silver, Diamond, Gems, etc.

5. Pouts, Smiles, Cleavages, Eye Winks, etc.

6. Muscles, Lathis, Guns, Abuses, etc.

7. Begging Bowls, Gurudwara Langars, Restaurant Leftovers, Garbage Bins, etc.

8. Boobs, Vaginas, Penises, Arses, etc.

Of course, when the cash is squeezed out of the economy, the cashless economy immediately takes over. The government is unnecessarily wasting its time. It has already achieved its objective. All it needs to do now is to find out which of the above resources has won. To me, option 1 should be a clear loser and option 7 should have won by a huge margin, but India is a peculiar country, so option 5 & 6 can’t be ruled out either, and option 8 is a very credible dark horse. Will the government carry out this survey? 

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