Litigation and Court Pleadings

I am presently not pleading, appearing, applying or acting in Indian courts and, if at all in future, will only appear after restoring my faith in Indian judiciary.

(I am appearing in my personal matters purely out of practical need as I have been pleading and appearing in them for long and can’t abandon them till the time I am in the process of restoring faith in Indian judiciary. Of course, if the faith is not restored, I will abandon them.)

Chamber Practice

I render legal consulting, including written advice, to private clients in the area of Human Rights Law (including Criminal & Property Law).
Fee: Fixed and billed at Rs 10,000/hr. Free service is rendered to BPL/EWS clients.


I don’t undertake conveyancing jobs.

Legal Writing

Though I am not engaged in professional legal writing at present, but I have taken the plunge and will be doing professional legal writing in the future and may appear in various forums including news debates for promoting the same or in connection with the same.
P. S. I see all kinds of humpty dumpty junior lawyers appear in these news debates. No. I won’t appear in news debates. It’s beneath my dignity. 

Lecturing, Publishing and Broadcasting

I am not engaged in professional lecturing, opinion publishing and broadcasting. I express and publish my opinions through my blogs and self-published e-books and am amenable to non-professional lecturing, publishing and broadcasting of my opinions on other platforms as well except news debate in sync with this  blog entry. Requests are welcomed. 


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