Buddhism Is the Worst!

I would say it is a tragedy to be born in any of the oriental countries, especially India. The oldest philosophy of India is that of Vedanta, out of which various other philosophies like that of Buddhism have emerged. The underlying idea of all these philosophies is Stoicism; i.e., accepting pain and having no free will and desire. Buddhism propounds this idea to the maximum, so much so that Nirvana is dead existence while being alive and freedom from re-birth on death. To be very frank, I have developed extreme hatred for both Vedanta/Hinduism and Buddhism. The motive behind all these Stoic philosophies is maintenance of order through subjugation of individual to all kinds of non-existent abstract things like “God” — though Buddhism is believed to be an atheist religion, it actually doesn’t claim there is no “God”; rather, it presents a complicated idea that matter is both momentary and evolutionary and thus finds it unnecessary to answer the question of existence and validity of “God”. It is so very obvious that these stoic philosophers took an easy way out to maintain the order by making the individual slave of the society through “God” in Vedanta, “Universal Will” in the Western philosophies, and “Natural Order” in Buddhism. However, the worst is that the disciples of these philosophers have turned these philosophies into religions with dogmatic adherence to rules and rituals. Not only that, the religious leaders are least concerned about individual rights and even draft newly born children into the order and subject them to all kinds of mental torture for the rest of their lives — sleep deprivation is the most prevalent subjection to pain.

Now coming to the present situation in India. The ruling dispensation of Hindutva is obviously pro-Vedanta and is hell bent on turning secular and liberal law into Hindu law. But even the opposition is disoriented. All that the opponents could think of was Buddhism. Dr. B. R. Ambedkar was a politician; he found it convenient to adopt Buddhism for political purposes, but that doesn’t make Buddhism an ideology of choice: it is in many ways worse than Vedanta. Hinduism or Buddhism, the basic philosophy is same, which is subjugation of the individual to maintain order. All religions are practically for the convenience of the politicians and vice versa. But when they propagate sacrifice, pain and suffering, it becomes that much easier for the politicians to rule over the masses and for the religious leaders to become politicians and rulers themselves. Buddhism, I think, propagates sacrifice, pain and suffering the strongest, which makes it the dangerous most and the worst.

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