UTOPIA: I Don’t Believe in Perfection!

Many philosophers have come and gone, but Plato and Aristotle remain immortal. The Socialists generally derive from Plato and the Capitalists, from Aristotle. Plato’s Utopia comprised a totalitarian education system producing workers and clerks at 20, managers and military officers at 30, philosophers at 40, and rulers at 50+. Of course, clerks, managers, philosophers, et al, emerged at different age groups because they studied that much more or that much less, and only those who deserved were allowed to study; so, once you were drafted into clerkdom, it closed all doors to further education. At the highest level, there would be complete lack of privacy. The marriages would be common, and breeding in the elites would be restricted to inbreeding within the elites only. Illegitimate children; i.e., those born against the rules of marriage and breeding; would be killed. And this would be UTOPIA! Thankfully, I don’t believe in perfection.

P.S. Aristotle though being the disciple of Plato was way different, and, to my mind, far too compromising. He failed to educate Alexander but backed him even when he proved himself to be a tyrant. If the two were to be compared, Plato would rank much higher on integrity quotient.

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