Responsibility of Women in Rapes

Before writing anything else, let me clarify that though I am discussing the responsibility of women in rapes herein below, I am not saying men are not responsible.

The one and only responsibility of women in rapes is their propensity to consider themselves as properties. Indeed there are numerous examples in the society which consider women as properties, but even when the society doesn’t interfere, women have a natural propensity to showcase themselves as sex objects having value and the accompanying status and power: A young college batchmate on being cornered proudly proclaimed, “I have the power; the power of…[no, not Greyskull]”, and she thought she won. Of course the society reinforces this propensity in multiple manners: A young net tycoon pays absurd compensation amount to her wife as compensation on his divorce with the same wife second time around; Muslim law calculates Dower, i.e. the marriage consideration, in case of doubt on the basis of age, social status and…hold your breath…on the basis of value any of the aunts of the bride might have received in past in similar circumstances; a high society pimp’s assertion that Tom Cruise’s ex-wife would have got much higher value in her world, gets widespread publicity; etc.

This attitude is so ingrained in women; i.e., to consider themselves as high value sex properties; that the status of a woman can be decided solely on the basis of her face and figure, and, what worse, women at large have accepted this status of theirs: a not so good-looking girl was complaining to her boyfriend why doesn’t he answer her missed calls; was she not good-looking enough. But the problem doesn’t end here. It extends even to women who have entered professional careers and made high progress. They find it convenient to mix the power of their grey matter with their shiny skins, which I don’t think men ever do: no wonder the most sought after stories in the corporate world are those of sexy babes and their overnight encounters, and the in-house intelligence agencies rely solely on this information for their bread and butter — I doubt RAW, ISI, CIA, Mossad, KGB, etc., do things any differently.

But the worst is Sec 497 of the IPC, which has been retained from the British Code, and which clearly considers a woman as the property of her husband, which property can not be stolen but can be borrowed. But that doesn’t mean an unmarried woman is not a property; she is at best an unacquired/unpossessed property or a property which is setting her own licence fees for temporary/permanent encounters, which, unfortunately, is often the truth as well: even if a woman won’t be setting her price directly, she would be expecting kindly favours in return for sexual favours, or at the least she would be acting pricey and waiting for a loyal admirer of her property value — I have never seen a pretty girl approach a guy herself except for Deepika Padukone in re: Roger Federer. No wonder the guardians of the society most audaciously approach the parents of young girls and demand their daughters’ services in public interest, and in return they assure respectable marriages with nice bridegrooms, which promise I must admit is kept forever if the services continue uniterrupted. If the first marriage fails, the promise is carried forward to the next marriage, if nothing else then with an ageing lone wolf; btw, sometimes lone wolves are very handsome and young brides prefer them over others — no RSS, it’s not a complement to your Mr. RSS; my reference is to an American who definitely doesn’t do Yoga.

Here lies the genesis of responsibility of women in rapes; i.e., their consideration of themselves as sex objects of value. There are two kinds of male rapists: First who fail to acquire the property so they have no choice but to steal it, and secondly those who want to plunder many properties to showcase their power. And women, instead of withdrawing the obnoxious property, are fighting the plunderers from challenging the power of their shiny skins. Of course, the only ramification of this war is polarisation of women power into their shiny skins, which would then be available for a direct price to the richest bidders — don’t worry about sexism, gay activism will take care of that.

© 2015 Ankur Mutreja

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