Nations: Beware of the Rebellion of Travelers

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What threatens the travelers the most? Conflict Zones, Natural Disasters, Lack of Funds, Nostalgia, Threat of Sickness, Distrust of People, Wild Encounters, or NATIONS! By far, it should be nations. Nations create borders, which creation restricts movement, and, in case of big nations like the US, also attacks dignity by forcing travelers through unwarranted immigration checks: why should each single traveler be put through the prying eyes of the officials for catching some unidentified rebel, who pose a remote threat, if any at all, only to a few VIPs.

Natural disasters rather than being threats provide opportunities to the travelers to volunteer help. Lack of funds are hardly any hindrance to travelers: poor or rich, a traveler knows how to keep within his means and also to earn while traveling. Nostalgia can affect initially till the traveler has learned to embrace the whole world as his home, but once so embraced, Internet is innovative enough to keep building new homes in each new city in a jiffy. Threat of sickness can be real, but travelers do take appropriate precautions. Furthermore, traveling develops its own unique immune system.

If a traveler gets frightened of people, he is hardly a traveler. Accept it, people can’t be faithful like dogs, and with dogs you can travel only in Lutyens’ Delhi — ironically, not many years ago, both dogs and Indians were banned in Lutyens’ Delhi, but now a few Indians seem to have avenged dogs, but only dogs: the rest remains the same. Wild encounters can happen on trees, in caves, on rocks, under sky, above ground or in Five Star bedrooms. A traveler would normally prefer it all.

Conflict zones can indeed cause hindrance to the movement of travelers, but only if the travelers align with the nations. If they remain non-aligned, I don’t think they are important enough to be on the hit list of the rebels. Yes, of course, intelligence agents can disguise themselves as travelers, or probably they already do, but what really can you do about a tribe which just doesn’t know how to live and let live. Moreover, they are also representatives of the nations only. So, indeed nations are the biggest threat to the travelers.

Somewhere I read traveling is the purest form of rebellion. Purest or not, it definitely is the subtle most. It poses threat to the very concept of nations itself. How long can the nations keep stamping the free spirits of travelers in Black and White. Sooner or later, the travelers will start flying colorful kites transcending borders and conflict zones, be it a Naxal zone, a militant affected Kashmir zone, or, for that matter, even an ISIS controlled Syrian zone. Nations would keep issuing their advisories, and travelers would keep trashing them along with their visa documents (if it comes to that). Btw, travelers discovered nations and now they also have the option of flying to Venus, Mars, Jupiter, Sun; so, nations: GROW UP AND BEHAVE!

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