Her Pain Is Different (Author: Ankur Mutreja)

She knows nobody, for everybody knows her.

Everybody knows her, for everybody protects her.

Everybody protects her, for she may not get hurt.

She is not hurt, for everybody is happy.

Everybody is happy, for she is alive.

She is alive, for she suffers no pain.

She suffers no pain, for her pain is different

©2019 Ankur Mutreja


About the Author

Ankur Mutreja
Ankur Mutreja is an advocate-cum-writer, and his blogs are amongst his modes of expression. He has also authored six books: "Kerala Hugged"; "Light: Philosophy"; "Flare: Opinions"; "Sparks: Satire and Reviews"; "Writings @ Ankur Mutreja"; and "Nine Poems"; which can be downloaded free from the links on the top menu.

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