Blue, Orange, Green, and Red (Author: Ankur Mutreja)

Green is wild, but Orange often escapes into Green with or without burning it into Red.

Red & Orange are different, but Yellow easily turns Red into Orange and Orange into Red.

Pink is beautiful, but when White is less it is indistinguishable from Red.

Red is blood, but it often doesn’t spill any and clots itself into Black.

Blue is primary, but it produces nothing when mixed with both Yellow and Red.

Each color is unique, but look at them from a single lens, you see only White or Black.

©2019 Ankur Mutreja


About the Author

Ankur Mutreja
Ankur Mutreja is an advocate-cum-writer, and his blogs are amongst his modes of expression. He has also authored six books: "Kerala Hugged"; "Light: Philosophy"; "Flare: Opinions"; "Sparks: Satire and Reviews"; "Writings @ Ankur Mutreja"; and "Nine Poems"; which can be downloaded free from the links on the top menu.

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