The Pleasure of Revenge!

Can killing someone, inflicting pain on someone, harassing someone, etc, give pleasure? Yes, it can, but only if the pleasure of revenge originates from a genuine desire of revenge.

For example, if a Sarabjit finds that the Indian Army inflicted immense pain on him by sending him as an agent in Pakistan to be abandoned on being caught for a life of misery ever after, he would find immense pleasure in killing Indian Army Chief unless he is so foolish as to believe in nationalism/patriotism/jingoism for a country like India, where the best of terrorists become rulers. Or a Rudal Sah would find immense pleasure in killing the CM, the Jailor, the Police DGP, and almost anybody from the administration, for keeping him in jail for 14 yrs after his acquittal. Or a Nepali girl forced into prostitution in G. B. Road, would find immense pleasure in castrating each single man who raped her during her last several years of prostitution. Or a Targeted Individual (TI) would find immense pleasure in killing the unknown enemy who subjects him to immeasurable pain through gang stalking and electronic harassment.

But, unfortunately, none amongst these would ever get any pleasure because they are powerless and have been subjected to pain by the most powerful people of the society. I think one should form the habit of taking small pleasures from small revenges and hope never to reach a situation where life becomes an eternal pain and the pleasure of revenge never arrives.

However, nothing can be worse if the very same people who inflicted pain on you wax eloquent about your “sacrifices” and feign to bring you “closure” by making you a media celebrity — or still worse make your parents, sisters, brothers, friends, etc, media celebrities in your death. Of course, to hate such pimps is the best ethics. It definitely gives pleasure, as what I have written above has given me pleasure.

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Ankur Mutreja
Ankur Mutreja is an advocate-cum-writer, and his blogs are amongst his modes of expression. He has also authored number of books, which can be downloaded from the links on the top menu.

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