Money: Power or an Illusion!

Money is the biggest irony of the present times: a creative illusion of the man to provide convenience but having become an illusion bigger than the mankind itself. It is the second biggest illusion after “God”, and, with the speed it is spreading, it seems the “God” is in real danger. The main cause for such an illusion is the ill-consideration of money as power. This is the biggest mistake people make. A person has a life span of 60- 70 years, out of which, for the first 20 years, he/she has no money, and then suddenly he/she has the lust for money. For the next ten years, he/she just wastes time creating opportunities for generating large amount of money for himself/herself. Initially, it is for the purpose of financial security, which most people fail to achieve by the age of 30, and those who do become so enamored by the color of money that they start misconceiving money per se as the only source of power. However, the fact remains that money per se doesn’t give any power; It can be a shortcut to gaining power, but, for that, a necessary precondition of lots of accumulated wealth without any fetters should exist, which rarely is the case. There are very few lucky people like Bill Gates who have generated huge money in a short span of time and then used it as a source of power. However, most people earn lots of money, but no power. These people would include entertainers, sport stars, celebrities, big corporate executives, etc. They do accumulate lots of money (say by the age of 40 on an average), but no power. Their power is akin to that of the light emanated by the moon, which is only a reflection. This is because the above-listed supposedly rich people do generate lots of money and are even often celebrated as the powerhouses of the world by the media, but they make so many compromises for accumulating their money that they literally put their power on mortgage for the money they generate; in the bargain, they lose all their happiness and peace spending rest of their life paying obscene maintenance rents on the power mortgage, which they no longer possess as of right. So, their power is like the one which can just be exhibited but can never be put to any good use because the moment it is used, one loses the ability to pay rents and thus risks losing the entire mortgage. If that’s the power money per se generate, it can only be called an illusion and nothing else.

©2008 Ankur Mutreja

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