Let the Species of Genius Win and the Humanity Prevail!

The difference between various species of animals is their respective brain development. Lower animals have very less developed brain. Higher animals have better developed brain. Men have the best developed brain. However, amongst men, the variation in brain development is enormous. Genius and near genius, who constitute top 0.5 percent (or top 0.1% may be, or top 1% perhaps, or may be even top 2%: the word genius is too elitists; we need some other word) of men and women, are a different species in themselves. For them, there is hardly any difference between a lower man and any other animal: A genius anytime prefers a barking dog to an abusive idiot. So, yes, genius is a different species altogether, but they are perennially at danger from the lesser animals.

Since the species of men has conquered all other species, the genius now faces danger only from the lower men. Geniuses are of course in minority. Each of them acting individually can’t protect him from the majority; so, they also join hands and form genius societies like philosophers, scientists, writers, intellectuals, etc., but they still can’t match up to the politicians and the like (forces, corporate, bureaucrats, etc), who enslave lower men and animals alike to further their self-interest, and, of course, at least some of them are geniuses themselves. So, that way, the biggest threat to the species of genius is from the evil genius politicians and the like, who attack the genius and make them do inhuman things; for example, some evil geniuses forced Einstein to facilitate the making of the nuclear bomb. Further, since the geniuses are by nature selfish and self-obsessed, they don’t mind collaborating with the evil genius for self benefit; for example, most of the innovators of Silicon Valley have bowed down to the evil genius.

I think the species of genius can be protected from the lower men mastered by the evil genius only if they can conquer the lower men in the same manner as the men as a species has conquered the lower animals. This difference between the genius and the lower men is obvious and inevitable and can’t be bridged without compromising the genius or by unsettling the humanity. At present, even though the evil geniuses are far lesser in number, they are winning over the geniuses only because of their better organisation. However, their victory is unsettling humanity. Let the species of genius conquer the lower men, and let the humanity prevail!

Below are the links of high IQ societies with qualifying IQs and the accepted test scores:
Triple Nine (top 0.1%)
Cerebrals (top 0.3%)
Intertel (top 1%)
Mensa (top 2%)

(Just for record, I have never applied for membership of any of these societies, for I have never taken a proper IQ test and am too scared to take any now — though I wrote GRE way back in 2001, in which I got a combined verbal plus quantitative score of 1420, whatever that means.)

If you check the link for Triple Nine above, you will find most of the qualifying tests we write for management schools, graduate schools, law schools, etc, are basically IQ tests. Of course, the students qualifying for the best schools score very high in these tests. One can assume that a top school like Harvard won’t accept a student below 90 percentile score in the test concerned (roughly corresponding to IQ of 135 at 15 SD). Most of the students coming out of these top schools world over either directly join corporate or indirectly help them; for example, corporate lawyers. The attraction towards the corporate is not only because of the money but also because of very poor prospects and depreciation of intellect in other fields, especially so in Leftist activism, where instinct is preferred over intellect (in re: Rousseau).

I think presently there is a very skewed use of the genius, which is leading to depreciation not only of the genius but also of humanity. False pleasure is being found in flesh and matter, whereas the source of true pleasure, i.e. intellect, is struggling to maintain itself against the stress and is even adopting phony solutions like Yoga, Drugs, Massage Centers, Psychiatric Visits, etc, whereas all that is required is proper sleep and a little discipline in eating and exercising. In fact, I have a conspiracy theory that the corporate and the like, who acquire the genius for money, deliberately introduce stress to keep the genius engaged in trivialities till they commit blindly to the corporate cause. The above is like a circle of poverty. The more you cope, the more you stress out, and the end never arrives; rather, the faster you complete the rounds, the more you miss the start and the end. But the fact remains the circle ends wherever you stop running. Surely, the abrupt stop may ruin your status, but what’s the point of having a status which gets ruined so easily. I am sure there has to be a better way of running the race and gaining the status. I don’t think the corporate deserve the genius.

Disclaimer: I admit the idea of genius came to me from Nietzsche, the German philosopher, but as a negative motivation. He said the purpose of life should be evolution of genius through concerted action like selective breeding, elimination of the weak, etc. I think Nietzsche is the worst philosopher. His philosophy is obnoxious to say the least. Genius is just an accident of fortune or misfortune depending upon what happens to the genius. It comes with a responsibility and a vulnerability as well. However, it is also true that fast moving vehicles need to run in separate lanes segregated from the slow moving vehicles. But there is no preference for one over the other. Both have their own charm: the car and the bicycle. But for a smooth bicycle ride, a separate bicycle lane is a must; ditto for the lazy genius, who moves slowly but reaches his destination faster.

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