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Helping the Naxals in reference demonetization

Helping the Naxals in Reference Demonetization!

I am writing this article at 2.30 AM in the morning, that too when I am feeling extremely drowsy. Indeed, I am helping the Naxals in reference demonetization in this article. The reason is that the present demonetization exercise of this government is so pervert that there is no option except to help outlaws. All political parties are supporting the present government knowing well enough that the black money generated…

Gandhi's South African Train Journey

Gandhi’s South African Train Journey Didn’t Change His Life

On the seventh or eighth day after my arrival, I left Durban. A first-class seat was booked for me. It was usual there to pay five shillings extra, if one needed a bedding. Abdulla Sheth insisted that I should book one bedding but, out of obstinacy and pride and with a view to saving five shillings, I declined. Abdulla Sheth warned me. “Look, now,”said he, “this is a different country…

India a nuke power

Is India a Nuke Power or Is It a Sophomore Kid?

There are five NPT nuke powers: the US, Russia, China, France and the UK; three non-NPT nuke powers: India, Pakistan, and North Korea; and one undeclared nuke power: Isreal. Out of these, China is the only one which has no first use policy. Isreal has around 80 nukes but won’t declare them till it has to use any. South Africa made around 6 nukes much before Pakistan and India even…

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Sangh Mukt Bharat Is Necessary

Recently I have finished reading Mushrif’s book “Who Killed Karkare”. I agree it is very speculative and conspiracy theory oriented book, which generally doesn’t get accepted in the mainstream intelligentsia. But, even if 20% of what he has written in the book is true, it is a serious cause of concern. IB, Sanghis (Pune Brahmins), and some members of the Indian Army, are clearly emerging as terrorists in the book….

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WB Debacle: The Opportunity For the Left

To be very frank, I have never experienced the Leftist politics first hand. Whatever I have read in books, written by right wingers, leaves an impression that though there is less corruption at the top level in the party, but, at the local level, they institutionalize corruption through local police; i.e., the bribe collected by the police fill up the party coffers — and most probably the same system is…

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AAP, the National Party (?)

Technically speaking, there are at present only three national parties in India: BJP, Congress, CPI(M). So, in a way, Jaitely is correct that the Federal Front of regional parties as being proposed by Manta Banerjee shall not have a national appeal. For the same reason, Nitish Kumar is also correct that no anti-BJP front can rise at the national level without the Congress and the Left. But both of them…

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President’s Rule in Uttarkhand Is Beyond Political Parties

First published on 30.03.2016 The imposition of President’s rule in Uttarkhand is so frivolous that it ceases to be an issue of political parties. It raises questions about the credibility of the political systems per se. The politics have many variations in the spectrum bounded by two ends of outright autocracy and complete anarchy. The more it is towards anarchy the more representative are the political systems. “Horse trading” is…