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Nidhi Razdan & Sambit Patra Spat

NDTV’s CBI Raids Are the Result of Nidhi Razdan & Sambit Patra Spat!

(Please read the comments dt. 27.06.2017, 29.06.2017, and 06.11.2017 at the bottom.)   Published on 06.06.2017 Over the years, I have grown cynical esp. when it comes to the BJP. They pursue completely frivolous matters with such diligence that the matters start looking serious. The current raid on NDTV’s promoters is also the same. Yes, indeed it is the result of Nidhi Razdan & Sambit Patra spat. When I first…

Goods and services tax (GST) is bad in reference AADHAAR

Goods and Services Tax (GST) Is Bad in Reference AADHAAR

(This article was first published on August 15, 2016, and has been republished today, i.e. 26.06.2017, with slight modifications) GST stands for Goods and Services Tax. The other three terms in the same realm are Value Added Tax (VAT)/Sales Tax and Service Tax. All these are indirect taxes, which are collected by the business from the end consumers and paid to the government. There are other indirect taxes like Octroi/Local…

Amazon Hegemony

Amazon Hegemony Is Indie Authors’ Death through Asphyxiation!

The Oligopolists’ Market: Amazon Hegemony Amazon is the member of the internet oligopoly comprising Apple, Google, Facebook, Microsoft and Amazon — most of the time internet is surfed on smartphones; therefore, Apple is included. Amongst these, Apple, Google and Amazon are also in the e-book publishing business. Microsoft also has a publishing wing, but it’s mainly into technology books. Of course, Amazon is the oldest player and has near monopoly…

Kulbhushan Jadhav's Death

Stay on Kulbhshan Jadhav’s Death Sentence May Ironically Kill Him

What India has done in case of Kulbhushan Jadhav is either stupidity or b…..ness. Common sense tells me that the stay on Kulbhushan Jadhav’s death sentence may ironically kill him. But for Sushma Swaraj, I would have harboured no doubt and called it b…..ness — this lady is genuinly stupid. Anyways, I will tilt in favour of b…..ness, for people at such responsible positions are not supposed to be stupid….

Justice Karnan

The Curious Case of Justice Karnan

It is a curious case of Justice Karnan because he has been very inconsistent in his approach. He is neither strictly legal nor political. He is choosing his course of actions as per his conveneince. When required he would tender unconditional apology and even claim himself to be medically unfit but soon thereafter would make even more egregious comments. This case is also curious because he has been successful in…

No Picture

The AAP Volcano, EVMs & More

The MCD election results have activated an inactive AAP volcano. The name of the volcano is Kumar Vishwas. He is a poet, who passes lewd comments on poetesses. If this AAP volcano erupts, indeed it would cause huge damage not only to the AAP but also to innumerable bystanders, who might have just stopped by to hear his poetry. So, the gag order is certainly in order, but I wonder…

sukma attack

Sukma Attack and My Loss of Sleep

Let me start this post with a few disclaimers: 1. I was reluctant to write on this topic because I don’t BS in my writings and speaking truth about this topic is full of thorns. 2. I am Anti National Humanist, therefore I have no bias for the State or against the Maoist and vice versa. 3. I condemn the killings of the CRPF jawans but am not sure if…