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Unauthorised Colonies Are a Boon for the Citizens of Delhi

Call it irony or whatever else, the unauthorised colonies have been a boon for the citizens of Delhi. These colonies have allowed the real needy people to construct houses and thus checked black marketing of land. Many people put up an argument that the DDA’s control over the developed land has led to high land prices by creating artificial scarcity. But, actually the reverse is true. I need to speak…

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Privacy of Ratan Tata

Undoubtedly, the privacy of Ratan Tata has been infringed: He has a private life and has every right to abuse, gossip, flirt, fantasize, crib, dream, etc., in his private life; no body has any right to listen to him sans permission unless he talks to some person performing some public duty (directly or indirectly) with respect to some public affair. Nira Radia might have acted as a public person in…

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Not Just the Save Tiger Project, Please

Now, I am kind of bored writing about Naxals, so let this be my last post on them. First thing first! Who carried out the West Bengal train attack? The Indian Government strongly suspects a Naxal hand either directly or indirectly through one of their front organizations. Somewhere, I read that, as per the Indian Government, some local members of the PCPA carried out the attack though not necessarily in…