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Bhagwad-Gita is a holy text of Hindus, therefore, it is considered very sacred. However, since, as per a news report in TOI, its reading is being introduced in Haryana’s schools from the next academic session, the book is now open to critical analysis, and thus I am reviewing it here — though I admit I had dare not done it earlier because of the fear of hurting the religious sentiments…

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“Swaraj” by Arvind Kejriwal

Independence begins at the bottom… A society must be built in which every village has to be self sustained and capable of managing its own affairs… It will be trained and prepared to perish in the attempt to defend itself against any onslaught from without… This does not exclude dependence on and willing help from neighbours or from the world. It will be a free and voluntary play of mutual…

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“An Ordinary Person’s Guide to Empire” by Arundhati Roy

First and foremost, I have an issue with the title of the book: An ordinary person in the Indian Subcontinent can’t afford a book costing Rs. 395; an ordinary person in the Indian Subcontinent can’t read English like a native language; and an ordinary person in the Indian Subcontinent won’t read the essays till they are presented in some popular media, not book. Until the essays are translated in vernacular…