Rights of Man, Machine, Beast, Nature & even “God”; No Discrimination!

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Animal Rights v. Human Rights

http://www.ndtv.com/world-news/gorilla-killed-after-boy-falls-into-cincinnati-zoo-exhibit-1413320 My Comment: This is the second such incident in the recent past when a zoo exhibit has been killed to save a human life. Yes, it is correct that a person or an animal can be killed to save an innocent life: in this case it was just a four year old kid. But the bigger question is what are animal rights vis-à-vis human rights. Humans kill animals for…

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Accessibility to a Public Person

In a democracy, accessibility to a public person is very important. There just can’t be a public person whom a common man can’t approach ever. This accessibility has to be one-on-one, not through some Twitter, Facebook or Electronic Media. In fact, the secretary to the public person should give e-appointments to common men for personal audience to the public person, and no appointment should be beyond 3 months. The courts…

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Respect to National Anthem

The concept of nation is fast getting eclipsed by a wider and stronger concept of globalism. The political elites, who propagate nationalism the most, are ironically the first ones to have embraced globalism over nationalism, irrespective of their loud talks of “India First”. Nevertheless, even sans globalism, there are many other conflicting ideologies that reign supreme over nationalism contextually; for example, religionalism, communism, humanism, etc. The right not to sing…

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In Re: Net Neutrality

The Internet is an externality of the military powers to communicate with each other surreptitiously, but, ironically, the only thing left surreptitious on Internet now is the Google formula — which, incidentally, I think is the biggest hurdle to Net Neutrality. The recent debate is about the paid privilege of the telecom operators to sell their licensed bandwidths to the people in the manner found suitable by them vis-a-vis the…