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Death penalty for repeat offence of rape is draconian

I admit I wouldn’t have commented on this if Mulayam Singh Yadav had not taken up this issue not because I was ignorant but because no one was talking about it. Rape as per the new definition includes penetration not only by penis but also by any object, and the penetration not only of vagina but also of other organs. In such circumstances, repeating the offense can’t be termed as…

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News Anchors

I have found that females have failed to make a mark on the English news anchoring scene. With the exception of Barkha Dutt, nobody else has been able to establish herself like Prannoy Roy or Rajdeep Sardesai or Karan Thapar or Arnab Goswami. Sonia Singh and Sagarika Ghosh have already been kicked out from the prime time, and Nidhi Razdan, who is comparatively younger but has started showing wrinkles on…

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Meditation claims to open up enlightened levels of awareness. It is undisputed that during meditation brain slows down its pace to alpha frequency from beta frequency in full awareness. In deep sleep, the mind works at delta frequency, which is very slow. So calmer the mind, the lesser the frequency. Ironically, we do most of our productive work when we are fully awake and working at full concentration. After suffering…

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Republic Day Parade

I have the esteemed privilege of taking part in the Republic Day Parade as part of the Delhi schools’ flag bearing contingent, courtesy the Lovely school I studied in. Since I didn’t do anything extra ordinary in the school, I kept writing this achievement till my very last CV. However, there were some very good learnings from the experience, which I need to share: 1. It is a great opportunity…