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Marathi Soil is RED

Bal Thackeray’s Shiv Sena is vying with the Raj Thackeray led Maharashtra Navnirman Sena (MNS) to get political space on the issue of Marathi signboards. While the MNS deadline for Mumbai shop owners to change their signboards from English to Marathi has ended, the Shiv Sena has asked Brihanmumbai Municipal Committee (BMC) to enforce Marathi signboards on traders and shopkeepers. The Thackereys are the sons of the Marathi soil, and,…

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Territory Expansion by Men Is Easy, Courtesy Police

A new study has revealed that a Jamaican lizard called the Anolis engages in impressive displays of reptilian strength – push ups, head bobs, and threatening extension of a colourful neck flap called a dewlap – to defend its territory at dawn and dusk. While female anoles establish small territories allowing access to food and other resources, while males stake out larger territories allowing them access to several females. The…

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Mia Bibi Razi to Kya Karega (Strictly Male) Quazi

Muslim clerics have questioned the sanctity of a marriage of a Sunni couple under the Shariat law which was solomonised by a Shia women Quazi I used to think that at least in Muslims it doesn’t matter what the Quazi thinks, and that’s what the law also states (Muslim marriage is an agreement, not a sacrament). But, NO, it seems I was wrong: Muslim couples can marry sans a Male…

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Mukesh Ambani Does it Again.

The tree-lined Altamount Road is a favourite of India’s “very rich”, Wealth-Bulletin said, and added that it was “catapulted into the ranks of the world’s most expensive when India’s wealthiest individual Mukesh Ambani unveiled plans last year to build a residential apartment block on the street at a cost of around $1 billion”. Proud-to-be-an-Indian Mukesh Ambani has added another feather to his cap by getting Altamount Road included in the…

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Xbox 360 | The Modi’s Gujarat

The game is “Xbox 360 | The Modi’s Gujarat”. Modi is the champion, and Gujarat is the battle field. The first round went to the Mujahideens: Damage 50 and counting. Modi stages a come back in the second round: 21 bombs recovered and defused in Surat with one of them 20 metres away from the site where Modi was 1 hr ago; damage zero! Modi’s spirits are high, and he…

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The Shiv Sena’s Taj Mahal

The Shiv Sena claims Taj Mahal as an ancient Shiva temple. Now this is some disillusionment. I have been thinking that Taj Mahal was built by Shahjahan in the fond memory of his wife Mumtaj Mahal. I feel pity for the sorry state of our educational system: What all nonsense it puts into the innocent minds in the name of historical proofs and evidences! Is there no credibility of the…