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Root Cause of Unhappywala India

Those activist ex-cricketers who wish to find out the root cause of droughts in Maharashtra so that “Happywala India” may enjoy uninterrupted IPL in Maharashtra, may as well spend some time in Chattisgarh and Jharkhand to find the root cause of Naxal “terrorism”; in NE to find the root cause of alienation; in Kashmir to find the root cause of call for “azaadi“; in Haryana & Rajasthan to find the…

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Agitation Against Art of Living Event Is Unpatriotic

Art of living is trying to popularize Indian culture across the world, and these few unpatriotic people are creating hurdles through judiciary! If these environmentalists want to enjoy good environment at the cost of Indian culture, they should migrate to Pakistan! Have you ever seen Europeans ever complaining about their rivers? Even Deepika Padukone went and polluted the clean Corsican water, but they tolerated it for their culture was being…

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Bahu’s “Bharat Mata Ki Jai”!

Dushkarma means Rape, and Bahu can’t be a rapist! If you call Durga a prostitute, the Bahu will revolt. Bahu loves all, not only saffronites; so, long live Roman EMPIRE. Bahu drapes herself in Tiranga and fly across universities. Bahu knows not her own caste, nor of the “dogs” she stones. All are impressed; even JNU shouts Bahu’s “Bharat Mata Ki Jai”!

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Delhi Police’s “Third Degree” Meditation

— Some kid play “Chor-Police“. Many kids run after another shouting chor, chor. The Police Chief tells the “chor” to surrender and prove his innocence by leading evidence. — The “chor” says I will go to the court and there you prove my guilt, but the Police Chief says I am the judge, the jury and justice; come to me, I will not only deliver you justice but also spiritual…

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The Dog Debate

The recent comment of ex-Army chief Sh. V. K. Singh has led to a serious unrest amongst the dogs. They can often be seen discussing and debating men at street corners. Impressed by my writings, they invited me to one of their recent street debates as a guest. Here are the excerpts: Moderator: We have a new guest tonight from the men community. Though it is difficult, we will show…