Poems and Philosophy for That Special One!

Deep Thought

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The Celebrity

The life of a celebrity revolves around two things: money and fans. Both these things are extremely transitory in nature and are extremely dependent upon the mercy of others, especially media. The media, whose hunger for money is much stronger than what an individual celebrity possesses, obviously gets motivated by other factors, which are under the control of some other power groups, who derive their power from multiple tools, including…

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Prostitution Industry

Prostitution, as an industry, originates at two levels: its genesis can be found in the status of women in society; however, it gets the vital boost from the fast emerging irresponsible Capitalist World Economic Order. Let me elaborate my point further. Men and women are naturally complementary to each other, and, among other things, achieve the much necessary carnal pleasure in the most natural way. However, sex, very much like…

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True Love

According to the Webster dictionary, “to like” means “to have a kindly feeling for”, and “to love” means “to like deeply”. This is one of the simplest ways to define love, and a feeling so omnipresent doesn’t need any more complications either. Its genesis lies in the most inherent human instinct to socialize and help each other. Love is the binding agent for the existence of mankind. All of us…

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Relationship Agreement

Since I believe marriage is just an option (Re: Marriage), I know of other options as well, and one of them is bonafide friendship. I have designed a model “Relationship Agreement” for the benefit of those who enter into such relationships. The model “Relationship Agreement” is attached below. The agreement may not be usable outside India in its present form, but, with modifications, it can be used anywhere. However, in…

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This one word “marriage” has baffled me a lot. It has taken me a decade in transitioning from an ardent follower of the institution to a rebel. Rather, when I first fell in love at the age of ten, I couldn’t think of anything else but marriage. Any other thought, including physical intimacy, was a sacrilege. Thanks goodness ninety other boys had also fallen in love with the same girl,…