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No Entry for Politicians…Dogs Considered

Sometimes, I really wonder what purpose do these politicians really serve. However they are, at present, the most important ingredient of the democratic, as well as the communist, countries as they make law. And, the power to make law gives them the power to rule and to blatantly break and manipulate all laws they make and thus to make the importance of laws equivalent to cipher. The politicians, as a…

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Money: Power or an Illusion!

Money is the biggest irony of the present times: a creative illusion of the man to provide convenience but having become an illusion bigger than the mankind itself. It is the second biggest illusion after “God”, and, with the speed it is spreading, it seems the “God” is in real danger. The main cause for such an illusion is the ill-consideration of money as power. This is the biggest mistake…

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Globalisation is based on the principle of comparative advantage, which simply speaking states that a country will always benefit from opening up its economy to the world and producing what it has comparative advantage in producing (may it be prostitution/sex tourism). Comparative advantage doesn’t necessarily means absolute advantage: it only means that if Country “A” can only produce product “X” with any relative advantage, whatsoever, and the whole world can…

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GIRLFRIEND – Moving Beyond Devi/Dasi/Devdasi

At last, I know what the term GIRLFRIEND means. Before my version, let’s see what are the various meaning attached to this term. I am not including the term boyfriend because I don’t have any clue about what girls think and mean by the term boyfriend. Many variations are found for the term girlfriend. The girlfriend generally means someone who is more than a friend (???), whom one would generally…

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Jurisprudence: Austin, Kelson, and Hart; they all say the same thing

Jurisprudence, to me, seems to be the never ending trial of the philosophers to justify and reconcile laws to the practical, and, in this quest, different schools have defined law in different manner. The most interesting amongst them are the analytical school philosophers. Instead of worrying about WHAT LAW OUGHT TO BE, they have concentrated on WHAT LAW IS. When one does that, one has to identify an evident source…

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Working Indian Women and Prostitution

I generally resist from touching this issue because I really don’t have solutions. I very well know that, in the job arena, an Indian woman has to face many more complications than an Indian male does. The persistent stereotyping, name calling, compromises, family conflicts, inertia and complacency are all hurdles that a woman has to cross even to enter the job market, and, on entering the job market, she faces…